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The Hollow Tree

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Last Wash 2015





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Alex Courtney has had an accomplished career in stage, film, and TV for over thirty-five years.  He has performed with such noted stage companies as The New York Shakespeare Festival, The APA-Phoenix Repertory Co., The Mark Taper Forum and the Labyrinth Theater.  He was in the original Broadway Cast of Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz & Guidlenstern Are Dead. He was a series lead in NBC's Sword of Justice, and has made numerous guest-star appearances on TV throughout his career. He can be seen in such MOWs as And The Band Played On and Murder Between Friends. He made his first screen appearance in Peter Brook's Looking for Mr. Goodbar. In 1996, he left acting to concentrate on his writing and personal life.  His return is an undeniable statement of his love and passion for acting. "I am drawn to it, or in truth, perhaps even addicted to it. It provides such a unique opportunity to share our humanity - to be in such a unique relationship with the audience.  It's both a public and private conversation between us... always intimate... always extremely personal..." 

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